Book Reflection

One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Recommendation: I recommend this book highly. It has spiritual and emotional depth, yet somehow also a lightness. I found it to be a quick read—well worth my time.



I will admit it: I am prone to choosing books based on titles. In this particular case, I was not disappointed. The book itself is as compelling, haunting, and lovely as its name.

One Amazing Thing is classified as a novel, but it is really a beautifully framed collection of short stories; a sort of modern-day Canterbury Tales. Except in this case, the stories are told by people stuck together in the visa office of an Indian consulate after an earthquake. Rather than embarking on their anticipated spiritual pilgrimages to India, each character’s internal journey is revealed.

Divakaruni manages to make the dark space of the collapsing consulate basement shimmer with unexpected kindnesses, surprising revelations, and pangs of hope.

Reading this book makes me wonder more deeply about the stories people around me carry. And about the ways I have been shaped by the stories of my life.

And this book opens my eyes more widely to the amazing things within my story, within the stories of others, and within God’s world.

There is more than one amazing thing; but just one would be enough.


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