Beautiful Music

My husband and I went to the library last night to hear the Anasazi String Quartet. The music was beautiful, and it felt like such a luxury for me to sit quietly and listen; to let my eyes close, my body sway, my lips curve up into a smile.

I will admit, though, that once in awhile my mind wandered a bit. I started thinking about everything that had happened to allow me those few lovely moments. Not to say that the universe was conspiring on my behalf, but that the good that God enacts in the world spills over and spreads far. The good that we do weaves in and out of people’s lives in ways we never know.

So I have a few people to thank for allowing me to listen to the beautiful music last night:

First, thanks to all of the staff and volunteers at Camp Mennoscah this week–which is where my oldest two children are spending their time. And thanks to my husband, brother, sister-in-law, and dad for getting them to camp.

Thanks to my mom and dad for letting my youngest attend “camp Grandma and Grandpa” this week. I’m pretty sure they won’t be listening peacefully to any string quartet concerts.

Thanks to the musicians for giving so much of their time and energy to learning how to hit the notes and count the rhythm; for giving so much of themselves to make the music.

And thanks to the parents of the musicians for buying instruments, paying for lessons, attending concerts even before the music got good.

Thanks to all of the school orchestra teachers and private instructors those musicians have had over the years.

Thanks to the Sunflower Music Festival people who brought them here.

Thanks to the library for hosting and to whoever sent out the e-mail newsletter announcing the concert.

To whoever put up the walls of the auditorium, laid the carpet, painted the walls, hung the doors. To the artist whose work hangs on the walls. To the people who made the chair that I sat in. The ones who serviced the air conditioner.

This is a truth I do not recognize often enough: there are many many people involved in creating beauty. So many contribute to the good things I experience each day. And to them, I give thanks.

And for them, and for the ways that many separate acts of goodness and beauty are woven together into moments of joy, I say, thanks be to God.

One thought on “Beautiful Music

  1. It’s true that I won’t be listening to any concerts this week! But I’m enjoying playing games, swimming, eating grilled cheese and tomato soup, and so much more! And I get to provide some surprises for some very special little people. Thank you for that. And, if I’m honest, thank you that it’s only for a week. 🙂

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