Wedensday Worship Piece: Call to Worship

Our congregation shares the Lord’s Supper on the second Sunday of each month, but I know many churches with monthly communion celebrate the table on the first Sunday of the month.  So I’m sharing with you a call to worship that is appropriate for a worship time that includes communion. It is inspired by Isaiah 55:1-2

Call to Worship

Come, all you who are thirsty.
We come to drink from the cup of salvation.
Come, all you who are hungry.
We come to eat the bread of life.
Here, at the Lord’s table, we will eat and drink what is good.
Our souls will delight in the richest fare.
Let us gather now as a family around the table.
Let us worship God together.

2 thoughts on “Wedensday Worship Piece: Call to Worship

  1. I find this Call to Worship to be absolutely beautiful, and appreciate you putting it out on the web for others to see. This Sunday is World Communion Sunday, and we will be using it to call ourselves to worship at First Presbyterian Church in San Saba, TX (with credit of course). Thank you for your wonderful liturgy!

    • Drew, thanks for stopping by the blog! I’m always touched to know when congregations use something I’ve written. Blessings.

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