Wednesday Worship Piece: Prayer in the Wake of Assasination

Holy God of the Resurrection,
we fall before you with relief, with sorrow, with fear.
Hold us in the depths of your love.
Protect our bodies from those who wish us harm.
Protect our spirits from the fear and hatred
that would lead us to rejoice over the death of another human being.
Grant healing for our deepest wounds–
wounds caused by the violence enacted against us
wounds caused by the violence we have enacted against others.
Grant peace to your world
our world
this broken, bitter, beautiful world.


– – – –

A familiar prayer has been on mind this week as well.  “Lord make me an instrument of your peace.” Here is a lovely sung version of the prayer. (My favorite version is “Make me an Instrument” by the Ragamuffin Band, but I can’t find any video or audio for that one.)

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