Hate is Hate

I want to express my appreciation to the Southern Poverty Law Center for adding the Family Research Council and American Family Association to their list of hate groups to monitor.  Whether or not one agrees with an individual’s choice of sexual partner, there is no excuse for spreading malicious misinformation about an entire group of people.

Gay men are more likely to molest children than straight men?  Absolutely not true.  Hitler was gay and that’s why the Nazis killed millions of people in concentration camps?  I don’t think so.  Sexual minorities are victims of more violent hate crimes than any other minority in the United States today.  It is a disgrace that some purportedly Christian organizations are contributing to this atmosphere of hate and violence.

A brief editorial essay in the most recent Christian Century sums it up better than I can: The decision of the Southern Poverty Law Center to add “high profile anti-gay organizations” to its list of hate groups “isn’t just politics. It’s asserting that facts matter, that words have consequences and that hate is hate–regardless of how many people support it.”

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