New Year, New Prayer Notebooks

My second entry on this blog was about my practice of using a prayer notebook. My first notebook was decorated with a post-it note on which I scrawled the word “Prayer.”

That notebook is now full, and I’m moving on to a more artsy notebook for 2011.  My first idea was to use the images of the praying women from an art postcard I had–the artist is Melinda Moore Lampkin.  As I was looking through magazines, I found an article in Traditional Home Magazine (where did that come from?) about Moroccan tiles.  I love hand-painted tiles, and so the second notebook emerged.

I’m excited to start using one of these . . . not quite sure which.  And I’m hopeful that after my collage class at the Lawrence Arts Center with the fabulous artist Lora Jost, I’ll produce even better prayerbook covers next year.

I do hope you have some new beauty in your life for the new year.



2 thoughts on “New Year, New Prayer Notebooks

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