All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Thanksgiving

(with apologies–make that “thanks”–to Robert Fulghum)

1. Car trips go much faster if you take a nap.

2. Genetics has little to do with family; if you’re at the table, you’re in.

3. Even if someone’s politics and theology are completely screwed up, you still have to say “please” when you ask them to pass the cranberry sauce.

Grace (age 6) made this lovely centerpiece at school.

4. There are about a hundred possibilities for leftover turkey–and they all improve on the original.

5. It is good practice, at least once a year, to write down things you are thankful for on colorful feathers that you have cut out of construction paper.

6. Even after great grandma has died, someone will keep bringing plain red jello in a pretty bowl.

7. Afternoon naps are good for the soul.

8. When listening to Uncle Frank’s newest investment scheme, just smile and nod. (And hide your purse.)

9. It works best if everyone washes their own dishes.

10. There is no such thing as too much pumpkin pie. Or whipped cream.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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