A Couple More for World Communion Sunday

Here is some bulletin cover art I did awhile back.  I love this quote from Simone Weil:

And here’s a Call to Worship:

Leader: We gather around the Table in places far and near
Side 1: Eating Sourdough, Rye, Tortillas
Side 2: Crackers, Wafers, and Wonderbread–
All: The body of Christ.
Leader: Drinking the wine or the juice
Side 1: from handmade chalices and silver goblets,
Side 2: golden spoons and little mini cups–
All: The blood of Christ.
Leader: The bread and the cup unite us with all who would follow Jesus.
Side 1: This meal reaches back through the centuries.
Side 2: This table reaches around the world.
All: Let us eat and drink with joy.

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