Acts 11 & World Communion

I wish I could say that I carefully planned out our Acts series so that World Communion Sunday would correspond to Peter’s vision-fueled defense of eating with uncircumcised men. (Acts 11:1-18) But I can’t. It was all Holy Spirit . . . or dumb luck. But it is working out well. Below are a couple of pieces I wrote for Sunday’s worship service.

Call to Worship

Here in this place, God offers us food,
so we take and eat.
Here in this place, our neighbors are hungry,
so we share the bread and the cup.
Here in this place, the table extends
beyond our friends
beyond those who agree with us
beyond these walls
beyond the borders
around the world.
Let us taste and see that our God is good.
Let us worship God with joy.


Prayer of Confession

God of deep, abounding, astounding, boundary-breaking love,
Forgive our closed doors;
forgive our closed eyes and ears;
forgive our insulated living,
forgive our safe and comfortable tables.

2 thoughts on “Acts 11 & World Communion

  1. Thank you for your warm, welcoming, inclusive, accessible invitation to Communion. I am grateful, and plan to use it this Sunday for World Communion Day. Blessings on your ministry!

  2. I, too, am grateful for your generosity. Apparently I thrive on chaos also, as I’m just now pulling together my World Communion Sunday bulletin. Oy. Anyway, I love your work and will be using this call to worship and confession tomorrow in wee UCC church I serve in Westminster West, VT. So … thank you.

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