Extending the Table

At Peace Mennonite, we have been using the Narrative Lectionary this past year, which means we have the summer “off” to figure out our own worship themes. We’re kicking of the summer with “Extending the Table,” a 5-week series looking at meals in the Bible–and thinking about how we, as a church, can be more invitational and hospitable. I’ve outlined the five sessions below, and I’ll add liturgical material and links to sermons as we go.

Our other summer mini-series are “Season of Creation” and Revelation. I’ve created a Summer BINGO sheet that includes activities related to these three series. (I totally stole this idea from someone in a Mennonite worship workshop, but I don’t remember who.)

Finally, in the spirit of “extending the table,” please know that you are welcome to worship with Peace Mennonite on Sunday mornings. We meet in person at 9:30 (615 Lincoln, in Lawrence, KS) and at 11 (Central time) on Zoom.

Extending the Table
A 5-Week Worship Series

Week 1: Genesis 18:1-10
Abraham and Sarah host messengers from God

Call to Worship: (I adapted an earlier call to worship, making the response line repeated since we are not currently using bulletins in worship.)

As Abraham welcomed the strangers, so God welcomes us.
We receive God’s hospitality.
God greets us with joy, and says, “rest here for awhile.”
We receive God’s hospitality.
God brings out water to wash our dusty feet.
We receive God’s hospitality.
God prepares a meal to nourish our weary spirits.
We receive God’s hospitality.
Let us rest in this holy place, where there is shade and water, food and laughter.
We receive God’s hospitality.

Sermon (recorded from our Zoom worship)

Week 2: 2 Kings 8:8-23
Elisha counsels hospitality for the king’s enemies

Sermon: Table as Testimony

Week 3: I Corinthians 11:17-34
Instructions on the Lord’s Supper

Week 4: John 21:4-14
Jesus has breakfast on the beach

Call to Worship (from Psalm 36)

God’s steadfast love extends to the heavens.
How precious is God’s steadfast love.
God’s faithfulness rises to the clouds.
How precious is God’s steadfast love.
God’s righteousness is like the mighty mountains.
How precious is God’s steadfast love.
We take refuge in the shadow of God’s wings.
How precious is God’s steadfast love.
We will feast on the abundance from God.
How precious is God’s steadfast love.
We will drink from the river of God’s delights.
How precious is God’s steadfast love.


God of the humble charcoal fire,
Let us delight in our daily blessings:
Work that is familiar and good,
Companionship that is constant and comfortable,
Food that warms and sustains us.

God of the miraculous catch of fish,
Let us accept your invitation into abundance:
Provision beyond what we have earned,
Grace beyond our expectations,

Week 5: Mark 14:3-9
A woman anoints Jesus

Sermon: On Awkward Meals and Faithful Women
(Note that the manuscript is available at the link, along with a link to the podcast version.)

3 thoughts on “Extending the Table

  1. What a great idea! Are you also eating together for those 5 sessions? I will totally use this idea and give you the credit!

  2. thank you for this idea and ht resources – I think we will join in a bit later into the summer. I love hte narrative lectionary but when it stops and the community in conversation stops I panic, so this gift

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