Wednesday Worship Piece: 2 Corinthians 1:20

One of the many benefits of reading through the entire Bible in a year is re-reading scriptural gems that I had forgotten about. This morning I started reading Second Corinthians and ran across a forgotten favorite in verse 20:

For in [Christ] every one of God’s promises is a “Yes.”

Here is a Call to Worship based on that verse. As always, you are welcome to use this in your own worship setting. The intent is for the leader to read the plain text, the congregation the bold, and all read the bold italics.

May you experience the deep “yes” of God in your life today.

Call to Worship:

Paul writes that, “in Christ, every one of God’s promises is a ‘Yes.'”
God says yes to consolation.
Yes to salvation.
Yes to peace.
Yes to love.
Each one
Every one
of God’s promises
is a “Yes.”
And so we have come this morning to say our own “Yes.”
We say yes to fellowship.
Yes to discipleship.
Yes to faith.
Yes to worship.
May our words
may our music
may our lives
be our “Yes” back to God.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Worship Piece: 2 Corinthians 1:20

  1. I had a powerful experience as a new pastor preaching this passage – on the same day the organist quit during the announcements, blaming my theology. When I went to read the scripture lesson (my mind had gone blank, thank goodness I had a manuscript), I saw those words, remembered that the thesis of my sermon was “Jesus Christ is God’s emphatic Yes to us!” and knew it would all be okay. And it was.

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