Colored Pencil Prayers

Colored Pencil Prayers

*Please Note: There are currently no hard copies of this book available. You can still order the electronic version.

A Creative Prayer Guide

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This is a book for people who love colors and shapes and doodling and Scripture and God. (Not necessarily in that order.) It is a book for people who have an active prayer life, a sporadic prayer life, or just a potential prayer life. It is a book for people who consider themselves artists and people (like me) who have made young children cry because their drawing of a horse “doesn’t even look like a horsey at all.”

So maybe this book is for you.

Colored Pencil Prayers gives instructions for five different types of creative prayers that can help you settle more deeply into your prayer times and listen for God in new ways. For each type of creative prayer, there is an example prayer (provided by awesome SpaciousFaith readers!), and five prayer prompts. Each prompt is given on a separate page with space to draw your own prayer.

The spiral bound book measures 5.5″ X 8.5″–a convenient size for keeping in a purse, bag, or desk drawer. (I bet it would even fit in a stocking!) If you have colored pencils and a Bible, you will be able to do all of the prayer practices in Colored Pencil Prayers.

*Orders received  will ship within one week of the date of the order.


Colored Pencil Prayers: $10–Books no longer available. You can still order the PDF. (see below)

Shipping & Handling: $3 (within the U.S.)

PDF with instructions, prompts, and artwork: $5

Order Here

*Please note: Kansas residents must pay sales tax.

*Regarding Shipping: Please contact me for international rates.
If you order multiple copies, I may be able to ship them to you for less than $3 each.

6 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Prayers

  1. LOVE the book! In fact, I keep buying sets of colored pencils as I think of new ways to use your suggestions with my small group, a Bible study, and just for myself. I find my hands just itching to pick up the pencils and color! Thanks for a thoughtful and creative resource. Jeni

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