Worship Words: Season of Epiphany

We are in the season of Epiphany!

If you have a star word this year, you might want to print out the sheet below and spend a little time reflecting on your word. (Note that Patreon subscribers will receive this sheet along with an additional star word page and the regular monthly journal pages later this month.)

While Epiphany is a season of light, it is also a time to appreciate darkness—the safety of the chick gathered under the mother hen’s wing; the beauty of the night sky; the overshadowing of God’s holy spirit. Both darkness and light reveal important aspects of the fullness of God; both can offer insight and epiphany.

Here is a prayer for the season, drawing on Genesis 1:

Holy Creator,
Whose essence swept over the darkness,
Whose words created light,
Who separated the brightness and the shadows and called all good:
We seek your way and your wisdom in this season of Epiphany.
Let us enter into the light of each new day with compassion and courage,
Embracing joy and enacting justice;
Let us slip into the shadows of every night with contentment and confidence,
Accepting rest and anticipating renewal.
Reveal yourself to us, O God:
In our waking and in our sleeping,
In our faith and in our doubt,
In our clarity and in our uncertainty.
Lead us in your way,
Through divine light and sacred darkness,
One holy step at a time.

Psalm 91 is suggested to accompany this week’s Narrative Lectionary reading. Below is a call to worship based on that psalm (adapted from an earlier piece):

As we gather for worship today,
We rest in the shelter of the Most High;
We abide in the shadow of the Almighty;
We find refuge under the wings of our Holy Parent.

We trust that the angels of God
the words of God
the people of God
the hands of God
Will somehow bear us up.
And so we come to call on God
who has promised to answer.

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