Worship Piece: Call to Worship

Generally, when selecting a scripture reading for worship, I would leave out phrases like “the end of all things in near.” But when I read 1 Peter 4:7 this week, I decided it should stay in. Because . . . well . . . if you’ve been following the news at all these past few weeks, I think you may understand.

Here is a call to worship based on 1 Peter 4:7-11:

The end of all things is near.” Or maybe not.
But some days it feels like it.
When we see news of violence,
Hear leaders spew hatred,
Watch loved ones suffer,
Feel lost and alone.
The end of all things is near.”
This world is breaking and broken.
For sure.
So above all;
Above everything
maintain constant love.
Love each other always.
Be hospitable.
Speak on behalf of God.
Serve one another with the strength of God.
And let us glorify God
together, now, as we worship.

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