Worship Pieces: Genesis 2:4-9

This week the sermon will be on Acts 17:22-31, which lead to an opening reading from Genesis 2:4-9, which led to this call to worship and benediction:

We believe God still creates–
We want to see more clearly.
We believe God still speaks–
We want to listen more carefully.
We believe God still guides–
We want to walk more faithfully.
We believe God still breathes life into the world–
We want to inhale more deeply.
May this be a time of seeing, hearing, walking, breathing.
May this be a time of true worship. Amen.


May you go forth to see clearly, listen carefully, walk faithfully, and breathe deeply. And the Holy One–Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer–go with you. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Worship Pieces: Genesis 2:4-9

  1. Hello. We are spending this month dwelling in the word and I think this sets the tone of the worship service perfectly. Thank you! I also really appreciate that you have call to worship / benediction sets šŸ™‚

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