Worship Piece: Call to Worship from Psalm 63

Friends, I am posting this as I sit in my father’s ICU room, grateful that he is getting some much needed rest. Grateful for medical technology and medical staff; grateful for caring friends and hospitable strangers; grateful for ancient words that ring notes of truth and comfort in my heart.

I am also scared. Scared that the oxygen levels will drop. Scared that the doctors won’t find out what is causing Dad’s fevers. Scared that they will find out and it will be horrible and untreatable. Scared for my kids to see their grandpa this way. Scared that my kids won’t get to see their grandpa again.

I offer this call to worship based on Psalm 63 because it came to me. And because I got a good night’s sleep and there are no doctors to talk to right now, no nurses giving meds or technicians running tests. It is a moment of peace–a moment of peace and deep longing.

If you are inclined to pray, please pray for my dad. His name is David. And I pray God’s healing presence will be with you also as we continue our Lenten journey.

Call to Worship based on Psalm 63

We desire food in the wilderness.
We thirst for living water in the barren desert.
We long
for nourishment
for relationship
for comfort
for joy
for peace.
We long for God.
We long for God.
And so we have come.
And so we wait.
And so we praise.

7 thoughts on “Worship Piece: Call to Worship from Psalm 63

  1. You got it, Joanna. As someone who has had to watch a loved one suffer like this himself, I’m right there beside you. E-mail me if ya want to vent to someone at tristaanogre at gmail dot com

    Blessings to you and yours in this difficult time.

  2. Joanna, your thoughts ring so true in my head. It is so sad that we can just take someone special in our lives for granted not thinking about what our life would be without them. Thanks be to God that we have him to turn to and prayer to comfort us and give us hope. Hugs my sweet niece!

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