Theological Limericks

theologian trading cardsI’ve been having lots of fun over at Tony Jone’s blog, Theoblogy, today. He has some theologian trading cards to give away and is asking folks to contribute limericks if they want a chance to win! I have become a bit addicted to writing these little lilting gems, and ended up with four of them.

Mine are below. You should really click over to Tony’s blog and read them all.

– – – –




There’s a guy we’ve all heard of named Abelard
whose ideas on atonement make him a star.
But did all that insight
come from Heloise at night?
I think she deserves her own card.

– – – –

Rosemary Radford Ruether–
I know that some would dispute her.
A feminine God
strikes many as odd.
Chalk it up to male fears the neuter.

– – – –

There once was a man from Assisi
who went to the Pope and got pissy.
About privilege and power
this man was quite dour.
The lifestyle of Christ’s not for sissies.

– – – – –

Anselm I find quite alarming.
Abelard’s flawed–though he’s charming.
When we talk of atonement
please let it be known that
salvation through Christ is disarming.

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