Wednesday Worship Pieces: For Easter

I do not have our Sunday worship service completely planned yet, though I’m getting close.  I offer some worship pieces below that may or may not be used at Peace Mennonite Church this coming Sunday.  I pray you are each having a blessed Holy Week.

Call to Worship

Christ is Risen!
Christ is Risen Indeed!
On this day we celebrate resurrection.
The power of life has overcome the power of death.
The light of love has shattered the darkness of fear.
The way of peace has prevailed against the violence of empire.
We come to worship the God whose resurrection power lives on in the Christ we serve.

Offertory Prayer

God of Resurrection, may these gifts we have given be used to bring renewed life in our world:
Hope to the despairing; joy to the depressed; peace to the dismayed; love to all of your children, everywhere.
We give this offering to you in the name of your Son, the Resurrected One, Jesus. Amen.


As Christ burst forth from the tomb, may new life burst forth from us and show itself in acts of love and healing to a hurting world. And may the same Christ, who lives forever and is the source of our new life, keep your hearts rejoicing and grant you peace this day and always. Amen.

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