Wednesday Worship Pieces

This call to worship is based on a piece from Seekers Church.  Their site contains many beautiful liturgies–it’s one of my go-to resources.  The offertory prayer is one I wrote awhile back.  As always, feel free to borrow/adapt these for your own use.

Call to Worship:
In the presence of our Creator, who called the universe into being,
We stand in awe.
In the presence of our Redeemer, who emptied himself that our lives might be full,
We stand in need.
In the presence of our Sustainer, who infuses each breath, each movement, with holy life,
We stand with open hearts.
In your presence, Divine Mystery, we come to worship,
Open to your truth, your love, your healing.


Offertory Prayer

God of abundance, accept the gifts we give this morning.
Accept our gifts of praise–

Our voices raised in song and prayer.
Accept our gifts of time and talent–
Our lives lived to further your reign of peace and justice.
Accept our gifts of money–
For all that we have, O most gracious God, comes from you.

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