Bad Nativity Scene Round-Up

Just for fun, he’s a re-run of a humor column I wrote for RevGalBlogPals back in 2013.

Christmas decorations are heavy on Santa and reindeer and snowmen and bells and glittery doodads of various kinds. But within the Christian tradition we also make space for nativity sets: scenes representing the biblical story of Christ’s humble birth.

At their best, these nativities can spark in us the wonder of the incarnation and expand our understanding of the humanity of Jesus. At their worst, they can spark awkward questions like: “Mommy, what happens in the spring when baby Jesus melts?”

From Jan at her blog, Yearning for God.
From Jan Hilton at her blog, Yearning for God.

And while you can buy complete nativity sets, it’s much more fun to add your own personal touches–no matter that Jesus will have nightmares about giant frogs for the rest of his tragically short life on earth.

The Nativity Fairy has been adding character's to Katrina Paxon's scene.
The Nativity Fairy has been adding character’s to Katrina Paxon’s scene.

Or, don’t bother buying a nativity set at all. Surely you have some random toys at your house that will make a stunning representation of the birth of the Holy One. Plus, the dinosaur’s presence disproves that heretical evolution myth once and for all.

Thanks to Deb Vaughn for directing us to this one.
Thanks to Deb Vaughn for directing us to this one from Facebook.


And then there’s this. . . . I’m trying to think of something snarky and/or witty to say about this . . . but it’s a sausage and bacon nativity scene. A SAUSAGE AND BACON NATIVITY SCENE. There are no words.

Thanks to Karla Miller for this gem.
Thanks to Karla Miller for this gem.

For even more inspirational nativities that completely disregard any sense of historical accuracy or theological propriety, check out these pages:

–Suzanne Parker Miller recommends The 50 Worst Nativities.

–Deb Vaughn links to some additional nativities in this post.

–And Diane Kenaston suggests GoingJesus where there are not one, but two Cavalcades of Bad Nativities.

And a Merry and Blessed Christmas to you all.


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