Consider the Birds: A Prayer

This prayer is based on Jesus’ words from Matthew 6:25-34:

Holy God of Abundance,
As we sow and reap and gather into barns;
As we work and earn and calculate our net worth,
Let us consider the birds of the air;
Let us consider the lilies of the field.
Let us notice and look and give thanks
for the food that feeds us
and the food that feeds the birds;
for the clothes that cover and warm us
and the colors and textures that clothe the flowers and fields.
May we dwell in gratitude–
not gratitude as a denial of today’s problems,
a refusal to admit that tomorrow will bring troubles of its own,
but a gratitude that is deep trust,
a choice to embrace the grace.
Holy God of abundance, ease us away from worry
and point us on the path toward your Kingdom. Amen


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