Wednesday Worship Piece: Prayer of Thanksgiving

This is a prayer I wrote several years ago.  It ties in nicely with the Romans (12: 1-8) reading for this week.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear God, giver of life, for each and every part of this church body
We give you thanks.
For those who teach and those who learn. For those who speak and those who listen.
We thank you Jesus, holy teacher.
For those who lead and those who follow. For those working up front and those working in the background.
We give thanks to you, the Spirit who enables all work.
For those who share gifts of writing, painting, woodworking, cooking, singing, playing instruments, drawing, gardening, and all spirit-filled creative endeavors
We thank you, our Creator God.
For those who share gifts of administration, organization, planning, visioning, coordinating, hospitality, wisdom, discernment, faith, knowledge and all godly attributes necessary to the well being of this body
We give you thanks, O Word of light.
For those who give their time and money; who do what needs done: moving chairs, caring for children, telling jokes, conducting worship, distributing mail, making phone calls, giving hugs, bringing food, sharing a laugh
We thank you Holy Spirit, our bond of unity.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Worship Piece: Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. Joanna, so nice to peruse your blog. We met in Pittsburgh. I was sorry to miss seeing you and others at the WDC conference a few weeks ago. I was wondering if you would permit our congregation to use this prayer of thanksgiving in our worship service this coming Sunday? It’s beautifully written and fits well as we will be praying a blessing on those serving in various capacities over this coming year. Blessings in your ministry.
    Rachel Epp Miller
    Pastor, San Antonio Mennonite Church

    • Rachel, thanks for stopping by my blog! You are welcome to use this prayer in worship. I’m always happy when people find my writings meaningful for their own worship contexts. It was nice to meet you in Pittsburgh and I do hope we can connect at a WDC event some time. Peace to you.

  2. Joanna, I keep your site in my favorites and check back periodically. Your blog was suggested by our neice Joni Fornelli after we attended the baptism service you did for Dar at Peace.

    Your Thanksgiving Prayer is appropriate for many times throughtout the year. Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church will have SS promotion this Sunday, August 28 and would like to use is as our bulletin cover. Can I have your permission? I will credit you on the piece. -Shirley Unruh, Secretary

    • Shirley, you are welcome to use this prayer at Hoffnungsau. I’m always glad to know that my words can contribute to the worship experience of others. Dar’s baptism is one of the most precious worship memories I have–so glad you were able to be part of that! Peace, Joanna

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