Speaking of Time

Do you want to hear something funny? On Wednesday morning I made a list of things that I needed to do. You know, things I had been meaning to do for weeks, or even months, and just hadn’t gotten around to.

Like putting away all of the clothes that are draped over the chest next to my dresser.

And organizing the haphazard pile of hair appliances and toothpaste and shampoo bottles and other sundry items underneath my bathroom sink.

And taking all of the broken pencils and dried up pens out of the pen holder on the kitchen counter; then putting functioning writing utensils in said pen holder.

The fact that I made such a list during breakfast is not particularly amusing. The funny part is that I actually thought I would get those things done that same day. I had visions of posting my list to my blog in the morning and then writing that evening about how I had accomplished my goals!

I have been a mother for over a decade now. I should know better. The clothes are still piled on the chest; the bathroom cabinet is still a disaster zone. I did take the non-functioning pens and pencils and markers out of my pen holder. But I haven’t put functioning ones in it yet.

During weeks like this, it is easy for me to feel like there isn’t enough time. But the truth is that God always provides enough. I have as much time as every other person.

During weeks like this, it is easy for me to get discouraged about all of the things I did not get done. And so I remind myself that the things I get done are those things I choose to do.

This week I have fed my children every day, and even eaten with them many days. I have talked politics with my husband. I have played dinosaurs with my youngest daughter. I have watched my oldest daughter in her school musical—twice. I have helped my son with his algebra homework. I have laughed with friends. I have done good work for the church. I have made a birthday card for my grandpa and put it in the mail.

I have been busy with those things I choose to be busy with. And that mess under the bathroom sink will still be there whenever I get around to organizing it. Maybe that’s what I will do with my extra hour tonight.

But probably not. I’m getting toward the end of a good book.


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