Weekly Prayer Practice

  I have been privileged to spend some time recently with a woman in our church who is in the final days of her life. She is on her journey home, and her cancer ravaged body is shutting down.

It is a beautiful thing to see the love that her family shares with her and with each other in this sad and stressful situation.

It was an amazing blessing to gather with almost thirty other people from our congregation and sing hymns around her bed. (Someone said, “Maybe she thinks she’s already in heaven.”)

And it is incredibly painful to know that Lola will not be an active, physical part of my earthly life any more.  I love her, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to tell her that.

As a prayer practice for this week, I encourage you to make a card and send it to someone that you love. Tell that person what their life has meant for your life.  And allow your card-making and your note-writing to be a prayer for that person.