Wednesday Worship Piece: A Confession

To go along with the prayer of confession below, here is my confession to you:  Sometimes I am lazy in planning ahead for worship.  I will say to the Worship Committee, “Oh, I’ll just preach lectionary that week.  Let’s go with the Gospel reading.”

So a Gospel reading, say Matthew 15: 21-28, gets put on the worship calendar.  That’s what I’m to preach from on August 14.  But it’s May.  And I’m looking ahead to a difficult summer.  And I’m thinking, Gospel is good.  No Old Testament craziness.  No judgment from Paul.  Just some nice love and compassion from Jesus.

And then it’s August 8 and I look on the worship calendar.  I look up Matthew 15:21-28.  And I do not feel love and compassion.  I feel like God is punishing me for being so lazy back in May. I do not think, “How nice to preach about Jesus this week!”  I think words that I should not type in this blog.

That’s my confession to you.  And here is the prayer of confession we will be praying this Sunday:

God of all people,
Our faith is weak. Our egos are strong.
Forgive us.
Our energy is low. Our patience is short.
Have mercy on us.
Our prejudices are real. Our compassion is limited.
Heal us.

Assurance of Pardon

O taste and see that our God is good! Through the limitless compassion of Christ, our sins are forgiven. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are energized for God’s work of justice and peace in the world. Thanks be to God.