Wednesday Worship Piece: Calls to Worship

At Peace Mennonite, we are using the Narrative Lectionary right now.  Of course, being the non-conformists that we are, we aren’t on the actual Narrative Lectionary schedule.  Which means that the worship pieces I’m writing for the next several weeks may not have any relation to what you are doing in worship at your church.

Nevertheless, here are calls to worship from last Sunday and this coming Sunday:

(Genesis 18:1-7)

As Abraham welcomed the strangers
So God welcomes us.
God greets us with joy
and says, “rest here for awhile.”
God brings out water to wash our dusty feet.
God prepares a meal to nourish our weary spirits.
So let us receive the gracious hospitality of our God.
Let us rest in this holy place
where there is shade and water, food and laughter.


(Genesis 39 & 40–Joseph in Egypt)

We gather for worship trusting that God is with us.
God was with us as we awoke and dressed, ate breakfast and traveled to this place.

We gather to become more alert to God’s presence in our lives.
God will be with us in the week to come, as we work and rest, laugh and cry.
We gather to gain strength for the journey ahead.
God is with us now, in this place, as we sing and pray, listen and speak.
Thanks be to God!

(Followed by “What is this place,” #1 in the Mennonite hymnal)


Wednesday Worship Pieces: Come to the Banquet

This Sunday at Peace Mennonite I will be reflecting on our recent denominational conference where the theme was: “Make no Excuses, Simply Come to the Banquet.”  Our focus scripture is Jesus’ parable of the banquet found in Luke 14: 15-24.

Call to Worship

The table of God’s love is set before us.
Let us come to the banquet.
The table of God’s grace is set before us.
Let us come to the banquet.
The table of God’s salvation is set before us.
Let us come to the banquet.
But before you come, you must know–all are invited to the table:
the rich and the poor
the old and the young
the conservative and the liberal
the gracious and the greedy.
All are invited.
The table of God’s hospitality is set before us.
Let us come to the banquet with joy.

Prayer of Response

O God, let us feast at the table you have prepared.
Let us lay aside our excuses, our prejudices, our propriety,
so that we may feast on rich food and fine wine,
sharing the meal with all who choose to come.
Let us delight in the extravagant hospitality of Christ. Amen.

[For anyone with the Words for Worship 2 book, we will also be using #147 as our offertory prayer.]