Creativity Day 11: Magnet and Tea Holder

O.K. “Tea Holder” is a funky name for what I made. My brain is barely working.  Tonight I decorated an empty tea bag canister to use to hold loose leaf tea and my infuser. I used some tea pot stamps that I carved quite a while ago.  (I’m not terribly happy with how this turned out and I might re-cover it for a later project–but at least I created something today!)











Grace decorated a magnet tonight.

And 30 days of Creativity officially starts tomorrow! I’ll be happy to have others joining me and to see lot’s of lovely creations.

Creativity: Day 5

Today I made a yarn-decorated picture frame. It’s actually an example for a children’s craft and I had a lot of fun playing with the yarn!

Grace’s creation is a unicorn horn.  It is, of course, a magic horn that can change anything into anything else. (We’re thinking of converting the backyard into a swimming pool!)

What Happens when I Wake Up Too Early

Last Saturday I was awake at 5 a.m. I didn’t want to get up, so I stayed warm under my covers and started thinking. I began making a mental outline of the sermon that I needed to write that morning. Then I started thinking about possible crafts for the February craft kit. And back and forth my mind went from the problems of sin and punishment to ideas involving tissue paper and ribbons.

This happens to me a lot. I love the spiritual creativity of being a pastor and a preacher; I love the hands-on creativity of making cards and craft kits. Sometimes, though, my brain hardly knows which direction to go.

So then I started thinking, what if I combined my passions for ministry and creative arts? Are there other people out there who, like me, find a deeper awareness of the Creator when they are being creative? Others who like to read scripture, think about God, and play with art supplies? Others who zone out during contemplative prayer but focus if you put a colored pencil in their hand?

How might I be able to help people connect spiritual practices and creative practices in a meaningful way?

From this early morning musing has emerged a creative arts retreat for Lent. The retreat material can be used by individuals or small groups and is based on the scriptures from the Revised Common Lectionary. Each of the ten sessions incorporates both visual and written creative practices. We will also have a private Facebook group where retreat participants can share their insights—and their artwork!

I am really excited to offer this resource! And I must say that I am looking forward to Lent more than usual this year. I hope that some of you will use the retreat for your personal Lenten discipline or with a small group.  I would love to journey with you.

You can find more details on the “Lenten Retreat” page.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.