Colored Pencil Prayer: Offering and Receiving

            This prayer exercise provides time for you to offer something of yourself to God; time for you to open yourself up to receive what God has to offer you in return. Because the exercise can be done with no written or spoken words, it is a good exercise for times when you feel overwhelmed, when words escape you, when you just need a quiet mental and spiritual space.


  • Draw a small shape in the center of your paper (a regular shape, a blobby shape, a spiky shape . . ) to represent the heart of what you are offering to God. Offer this in prayer as you color in the shape.
  • Draw another shape around the first shape to represent a more specific aspect of your offering. Again, offer this to God as you color in this second shape.
  • Repeat the above process a few times, until you have offered what you need to offer.
    • Note: This reaching out portion of your prayer should not take up more than half of your drawing space. Focus on offering the people or situations to God rather than praying for them in more traditional ways.)
  • Draw a large shape around the shapes you have already colored. This shape should touch the edges of the drawing area. Draw another shape (or 2 or however many fit) in between the largest shape and the shapes you have colored.
  • Now color in the shapes you have just drawn, beginning with the outer-most shape and working your way toward the center. As you color each shape, open your spirit to receive any words, scriptures, songs, or images that God may be offering to you.
  • If you like, you can write some of your offerings and God’s offerings on the left side or back of your page when you are done coloring.


colored pencil offering


Offering & Receiving Prompts


  1. Offering Personal Anxiety: What is something in your life that you are deeply worried about? Offer God your anxieties related to this issue.
  2. Offering Prayers for Peace: Offer your concerns for peace in a particular region or situation.
  3. Offering Indecision: This prayer process can be a tool for discernment. Offer to God the “pros” and “cons” regarding a decision you need to make. Listen for God’s counsel to you.
  4. Offering a Loved One: Offer prayers for someone you love who is in need.
  5. Offering Your Church (or Other Community): Place your church–or your class, your family, your workplace . . . any community of which you are a part-into the hands of God.