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Call to Worship: Advent 1

We come to prepare the way:
The way for Christ.
We come to hear the good news:
the hope of Christ.
We come longing for divine hope
to enter our hearts, to enter our world.
We come to cry out together in the wilderness:
“Oh, kingdom of heaven come near.”
We come to be part of the light–
the light that shines in the darkness.

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Call to Worship: Open our Ears

I wrote this call to worship to accompany our gathering hymn for the month, “Open my Ears, Open my Eyes” (for you Mennonites, that’s Sing the Story #5.) We are still in our Elijah/Elisha sermon series.

Whispering God, the noise of the world is loud.
Open our ears to your still, small, voice.
God of revelation, the darkness of the world threatens.
Open our eyes to the light of your presence.
God of abundance, we cling tightly to so many things.
Open our hands in generosity and joy.
God of all people, we feel the fear of those who are “other.”
Open our arms to the stranger and the enemy.
God of mystery, we want so desperately to understand you.
Open our minds to the depths of your truth.
Creating God, we long to know your presence.
Open our hearts to receive your love.

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Call to Worship–Psalm 23

In the darkest valley,
at the banquet table;
in the hard work of life,
at the moments of ease;
in our day-to-day reality,
at times set aside–
like this time, now–
for worship, for listening, for paying attention;
with every step we take:
goodness and mercy follow us;
our cups overflow.

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Worship Pieces: 2 Kings 2:1-15

We are looking at the Elijah and Elisha stories in worship right now. Here are a couple of worship pieces for this week:

Call to Worship

Leader: We have come to listen to the biblical stories.
All: We have come to consider our own stories.
Side 1: Have you seen blazing chariots?
Side 2: Have you felt the whirling wind?
Side 1: Have you known the sacred silence?
Side 2: Have you rejoiced in restored life?
Leader: Have you heard the voice of truth?
Side 1: In the stories of prophets and kings,
Side 2: In the stories of widows and orphans,
Side 1: In your story,
Side 2: and your story,
Leader: in all our stories:
All: God shows up.
Leader: May we have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Prayer of Confession

God of the blazing chariots, the whirling wind, the sacred silence,
Listen softly to the confessions of our hearts.


Create clean hearts in us.
Renew right spirits within us.
Shelter us within your presence.
Sustain us by your Holy Spirit.
Restore to us the joy of our salvation.
Blazing, whirling, sacred God,
inhabit and transform our stories. Amen.

*As always, you are welcome to use this material in your own worship setting. You can acknowledge: “By Joanna Harader from spaciousfaith.com.”

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Call to Worship: Who is Jesus?

Here is our call to worship for the final Sunday in our “Who is Jesus?” series:

We come together this morning to worship.
We come as seekers,
Wondering who this Jesus is.
We come as students,
Full of questions about Jesus’ unconventional teachings.
We come as skeptics,
Unsure of Jesus’ unexplainable miracles and outlandish claims.
We come as followers,
Longing for the wisdom and strength to follow Jesus more faithfully.
We come as we are,
With our faith and our doubts, our stories and our questions.
We come to worship.

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Psalm 131 Call to Worship

Our scripture readings this Sunday are Luke 13:34-35 and Psalm 131. Here is the call to worship I wrote:

Our Creator longs
to gather us under her wings.
We long
to rest near the Divine heartbeat.
In this sacred space of worship,
God’s longing and our longing meet.
Like sheltered chicks,
Like weaned children,
We rest here and are renewed.

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Isaiah 40: 28-31–Call to Worship

Have you not known?
Our God is the everlasting God, Creator of the ends of the earth.
Have you not heard?
God does not faint or grow weary.
Have you not known?
God’s understanding is unsearchable.
Have you not heard?
God gives power to the faint and strengthens the powerless.
Have you not known?
Those who wait for God will renew their strength
they shall mount up with wings like eagles.
We come to hear.
We come to know.
Thanks be to God.

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Calls to Worship For Epiphany 3B

Based on Psalm 62

Our souls wait in silence;
our hope rests in God
our rock
our salvation
our refuge.
We will not be shaken.
In this time of worship,
we pour out our hearts
because we trust in God’s steadfast love.

Based on Mark 1:14-20

Jesus comes along side us and calls us by name:
“[your name], follow me.”
A simple call. A hard call.
Because following requires leaving.
And we look around to see who else Jesus could be talking to.
And we look around to see the trappings of the life we know.
It’s hard to leave our nets and walk away from the lake.
But we have come this far,
to this place where we can listen
and be transformed.

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Call to Worship: 1 Kings 19

Why are you here?
We are passionate for God.
Why are you here?
We cannot bear the sorrow and violence of the world.
Why are you here?
We are hungry; we are tired; we are scared.
God says: I am glad you are here. Watch. Listen.
We hear the howling wind. We feel the earth shake. We shrink back from the blazing fire.
Watch. Listen.
We hear a sound. Thin. Silent.
This ground is holy. Take off your shoes. Cover your face.
Watch and listen for the Holy One.
This is why we are here.

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Worship Piece: 1 Samuel 3

I wrote this Call to Worship to go along with this week’s scripture reading; it also draws on the song “I will come to you in the silence” by David Haas.

God calls us by name in our dreaming
and our waking;
in the Divine voice
and human voices.
God comes to us in the silence
and the noise;
in the calm
and the chaos.
Always, God calls to us.
Always, God comes to us.
Let us now call God’s name.
Let us now come to God.
Let us worship together.

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