30 Days of Creativity

Creativity Day 20 (28): Flying Bird

Well, I have to give Grace most of the credit for this creation. Amazing what you can do with a paper plate, two plastic spoons, and a rubber band. It flies pretty well.

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Creativity Day 19 (27): Rule of Life cards

Earlier today I found out about a Rule of Life from Martin Luther King Jr. I decided that I wanted to keep this Rule with me, so I created an ATC with the Rule on one side and an inked picture (resembling my blog header) on the other. I’m pretty happy with how these turned out.

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Creativity Day 18 (26): Random Cards

I wanted to make a “Thinking of You” card tonight, and things weren’t quite working out.  I ended up with a fun, colorful border that seemed a little too cheery for my purposes–so I made that card a “Best Wishes” for a friend who recently got engaged.

Stamps by Stampin’ Up

By this point I was getting a little bit frustrated, so I decided that I would make the “Thinking of You” card using only the materials on my table. I was not allowed to get up. The result is more of a testament to how messy my table is than to any ingenuity on my part.

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Weekly Prayer Practice: Psalm 139 Meditation

This weekly blog feature grew out of feedback from the Creative Arts Lenten Retreat. Helping people connect with God through creative arts is one of my passions, and I would love for you to join me each week in the suggested practices. I would also love to hear about prayer practices that are meaningful for you. (For more creative arts prayer practices, select “practices” from the Category menu at right.)

This week’s practice is a meditation on Psalm 139:1-18.  This was a surprisingly powerful exercise for me last night. I pray it will be meaningful for you as well. To begin, find a quiet space and gather your supplies:

Blank paper or sketchbook journal page
Black pen
Ink Pad (optional)

To engage in the practice:

  • Sit quietly for a few moments. Take several slow, deep breaths and ask God to make you aware of the Spirit’s presence with you.
  • Read Psalm 139:1-18 slowly and prayerfully–aloud if possible.
  • Lay one hand on the blank paper and trace around it with the black pen.
  • Turn your hand over and examine the lines on your palm. Use the pencil to lightly sketch in your palm lines. (The purpose is not to get the lines perfect, but to pay close attention to this one small part of your amazing body.)
  • As you trace your hand and sketch in your palm lines, know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Imagine the intimacy of God knitting you together in your mother’s womb. Realize that God knows the curve of each finger, each line on your palm.
  • If you want, you can also use an ink pad and place your thumb and finger prints in the drawing. Look closely at your fingerprints–nobody else in the world has fingers exactly like yours.
  • Now begin writing out Psalm 139, writing the words around the outside of your hand drawing–up the side of the hand, then around each finger and down the other side. When your text has gone all the way around the hand drawing, simply make a second row of text.
  • You might want to write all of Psalm 139:1-18, or you might pick out the verses that speak most deeply to you in the moment. (A shortened version for writing out would be verses 1-7 and 13-16.)
  • After you have written the scripture around your hand, simply place your hand inside the drawing. Allow God to speak to you. Accept the reality that God knows you deeply and loves you deeply.

(This is also my creation for day 17–my 25th–of the 30 Days of Creativity.)

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Creativity Day 16 (24): Zentangle Card

I’m hanging out in a hotel room this weekend and I brought along a black pen and some colored pencils. I’ve been wanting to try this zentangle technique for awhile. (“Many Thanks” stamp by Stampin’ Up)

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Creativity Day 15 (23): Carrot Card

I was once again inspired by the superb Michelle Zindorf. (Can’t wait to take her brayer workshop next month!)

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Creativity Day 14 (22): Culinary Creations

Today I made these mini pan pizzas from A Lot on Your Plate. The kids loved them. Which is why I don’t have a picture of the ones I made. They didn’t last long.

And tonight I made s’mores with friends around our fire pit. Good times!

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Creativity Day 12 & 13 (20-21): Games!

The family was camping yesterday, so I had a lovely break from the computer. But Grace and I did not take a break from our 30 Days of Creativity! We decided to create a game. It’s called “The Rock Throwing Game.”

First, we made six rock circles (about 5″ in diameter) several feet apart from each other.

Then we each selected a “throwing rock” and took turns trying to throw our rocks into the rock circles.

Here are the basic rules:
–Stand at a designated spot and try to throw your rock into the first rock circle.
–If you do not make it, stand where your rock landed and try to throw it into the first circle again.
–Repeat until rock lands in circle.
–Stand by the first rock circle and try to throw the rock into the second circle.
–Continue through the circles, keeping track of how many throws you make. The person with the fewest throws wins.
–You get the idea . . . like mini golf, but with rocks and without those dangerous clubs.

And for today, we made a board game. I cut out squares of different colored construction paper, plus some special white squares with stars (indicating to draw a card) or directions (i.e. “move ahead 2 spaces”) on them. Grace decided the game would be about ducks trying to get to the pond, and she glued down all of the pieces inside a box. We made some activity cards like “Waddle like a duck” and “What would you name a pet duck?”. (There is also the questionable, “Say a word that rhymes with ‘duck.'”  I made that suggestion before I really thought it through. )

Grace named the game “Ducky Waddle” and we’ve already played it once. Pretty fun.

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Creativity Day 10 & 11 (18-19): Cards and Sticker Picture

I’ve been busy making cards–here’s a father’s day card I made yesterday (don’t look, Dad) and a card I made today to send my daughter at camp:

The monkey card says, “Hope you’re getting into the swing of things.”

Grace made a sticker picture and a note to send to her sister:

Happy creating, everyone!

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Creativity Day 9 (17): Colored Picture & Fire Starters

Today Grace colored a picture in the new book that Grandpa brought her:

And, being the great outdoorswoman that I am, made fire starters for our upcoming camping trip. They aren’t pretty, but if they work I’ll be eating smores tomorrow night! (You can find the YouTube tutorial here.)

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